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Comfort Revolution Bra
Blushing Pink
Bralette (S/$15)

One of the goals I had in beginning the “lingerie” section of this blog was to know no discrimination. Not in the social diversity kind of way (though I do support it), but covering any kind of lingerie. So here it is—me covering a brand and a product most lingerie lovers can’t be bothered with.
블로그의 “란제리” 섹션을 시작할때 다짐했던것 중 하나는 차별하지 않겠다는 거였어요. 사회적 이슈에 관해서가 아니라 (물론 중요합니다만) 그저 모든 타입/브랜드의 란제리를요. 그래서 뭐, 리뷰합니다. 왠만한 란제리 좋아하는 사람들은 거들떠 보지도 않을 제품을요.

I bought this bralette as an experiment. I was thinking of wearing bralettes to sleep, as I detested how my breasts felt “splayed” as I lied on the bed. And it’s not like my breasts are massive or hard to handle either, like some bigger-boobed ladies. I simply felt the sensation of my breasts becoming wider-set and going east-west keenly… especially since I’ve learned of my pectus carinatum condition. It doesn’t matter if it was my growth of cup size or the actual knowledge that prompted the sensitivity. I wanted something on my breasts.
브라렛을 입고 잘까 말까 하던중에 싸게 그 아이디어를 실험하는 생각으로 산 브라렛입니다. 가슴이 엄청 커서 불편한것보다는 (그것 때문에 브라를 입고 자는분들이 있습니다만)… 그저 가슴이 옆으로 퍼지는 느낌이 너무 싫었어요. (특히 제가 새가슴 이라는것을 안 이후로 부터…)


Bralette (S-3X)

I don’t think I ever imagined how much I would love/like this bralette. It’s not the prettiest of my bras, but honestly, I think it’s just one of those essential basics. I would feel lost without the bralette (and some cotton underwear I abuse) among all the laces.
제가 이렇게나 좋아하게 될줄은 상상도 못했어요 ㅎ. 제가 가지고 있는것 중에서 제일 예쁜건 아닙니다만… 베이식이죠. 레이스를 좋아하고 많이 가지고 있긴 하지만 이런 막입을수 있는 브라렛 (와 속옷!)하나 있는건 좋죠.



The bralette in itself is simple. There are no clasps, so you have to pull it over your head. There’s not even a tag! The design is so streamlined that Bali just printed the info on the band, which, amazingly, has not vanished at all over the 6 months I’ve worn this.
브라렛 자체는 심플해요. 후크도 없어서 티셔츠 처럼 입는 식이고, 태그도 없어요. 제품 설명이 이렇게 프린트가 되어 있답니다. 신기하게도 6개월 (자주!) 입었지만 아직까지도 선명하게 남아있네요.


Just to get it off here—the design is not the prettiest. The pink is rather… bland. It’s not bad, really, but it’s not a hip color. And honestly, I would definitely do without the rather sea-inspired (seagull) decoration near the shoulders… because it actually makes the bralette seem more dated! But I didn’t buy this bralette for the design. And honestly, I get a weird sort of “feel-like-a-rebel” pleasure for liking it beyond aesthetics. (I know, a weird way to apply that “look beyond prettiness” ethic.)
디자인 자체가 안이쁜거… 알아요. 핑크색도 좀 밋밋하고 이 갈메기 패턴같은건 없는게 나았을지도? 덜 촌스럽게? 뭐, 디자인 때문에 산것도 아니지만요. 심지어美 거부한다! 이런식의 rebel같은 생각이… ㅋㅋㅋ


The support comes from the stretchy band (really stretchy) and from the stretchy thin polyester cup. It offers very light support. I honestly cannot imagine this as a viable option for bigger-boobed ladies… Like, once we get to size L or XL, which is supposed to fit 38 D-DD & 40 B-C or 40 D-DD & 42 B-C… I am not sure how the construction will change or not, but if the size L or XL bralette is simply a bigger version of S, I can imagine the thin cups and stretchy band overweighed by the breasts. The cups are so thin that they have conformed to the shape of my boobs! I am not getting one of those nicely rounded silhouette the product picture provides. Bigger breasted ladies will feel like it’s just wearing those fashion bustiers that offer no support at all.
서포트는 엄청 신축성있는 밴드와 신축성있는 얆은 컵에서 나옵니다… 그래서 많이 못해주죠. 사실 이건 더 큰 가슴분들 한테는 비추천해요. L 이나 XL은 85 D-DD/90 B-C 아님 90 D-DD/95 B-C한테 맞는데… 이게 뭔가 더 업그레이드한 디자인이 아니라면 밴드나 컵이 아무것도 못할것 같아요. 가슴 무게에 무너질것 같다고나 할까요? 그리고 컵자체가 너무나 얆아서 저의 가슴에 딱 달라붙어요. 저의 본래 가슴 실루엣이 나오구요. 제품사진처럼 이런 정돈된 실루엣을 아니랍니다.


From: HerRoom

From: HerRoom

And yet… I appreciate the bralette for it. I love this bralette not just because of the comfort (as you can imagine, it’s hella comfortable to sleep in), but it helped me accept my breasts.
하지만… 너무나 좋아요. 편안함 때문만 아니라 저의 가슴을 받아들이는 것에 큰 도움이 됬다고나 할까요?

I guess I am not the first one you should consult regarding body image issue. I mean, I am pretty happy with my body and everything—but that’s because I am kind of okay with my body not being “beautiful”. I am not sure if it’s because I think I can always work out and get fitter (and yes, just because I am okay does not mean I am complacent… I am seriously lacking in muscles), but I don’t really need or want people saying “you are beautiful just the way you are”.

But the one thing that I’ve been really unhappy about was pectus carinatum. I truly hated it—the way it made my breasts look (I couldn’t stand looking at my naked breasts)… and thus making my lingerie shopping pretty unpleasant… you can even say that hating the sensation of feeling “east-west” was from this hatred.
전 제 새가슴에 불만이 많았어요. 제 가슴도 너무 안이뻐보이고, 덕분에 란제리 쇼핑도 너무 불편/기분 나쁘게 많들고…

Well, remember what I said about the cups conforming to my breast silhouette? The bralette reveals my pointy east-west breasts as it is. And many times in the morning… when the vision is tinged slightly by blue and darkness, I would stand in front of my mirror staring upon my reflection, just in the bralette and cotton knickers. I was having a moment where I was simply observing and accepting what my body looked like. And looking at the pointy silhouette, again and again… I guess at one point, I got used to it. I still don’t like looking at my breasts naked, honestly, but I made huge progress in getting rid of the passionate hatred I had.
이게 제 가슴에 딱 달라붙어 제 본래 가슴 실루엣이 보인다고 했잖아요? 이걸 입으면 저의 퍼져서 옆방향으로 가는 가슴이 보여요. 자주 아침에 이걸 입고 거울을 보곤 했는데… 그냥 제 가슴을 받아들이게 된것 같아요.

So yeah, I owe this bralette a big time. I would totally buy another one once it goes on sale at HerRoom. They are currently doing a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deal, but I honestly don’t need 4 of these bralettes when I am already buying fancy pretty ones. I guess this review turned out more like a journal than a review…. though I tried to limit myself because I really want to write a proper journal for my issue regarding pectus carinatum.
꼭 다음에 세일할때 하나 더 챙길꺼에요, HerRoom에서. 현재 지금 2개 사면 3번째는 공짜 행사 라는데 솔직히 4개까지는 필요 없고… 세일할때까지 기다릴만큼 비싸진 않지만 학생인지라 ㅎㅎ;;; 티클 모아 태산! (모아서 또다른 속옷, 정신 차리면 옷…에 쓰겠죠 하하하…) 살짝 제 얘기가 더 많았더 리뷰인데요… 조금은 자제 할려고 했어요! 한글로 해석할진 모르겠지만 이거에 관한 journal을 쓰고 싶어서…