[Personal & Etc.] Alan Rickman’s birthday was yesterday.

I was unsure whether I should write this post or not…
But I’ve been celebrating and counting his years for 5 revolutions (of earth… I was hesitant of using “year” twice), and though I chose to stop this “habit” just yesterday, my heart was fickle and here I am.

I kind of want to clarify that I am not an ultra super fan of Alan Rickman. Well, in my point of view, I am, because I rarely fangirl an actor… but in the general public’s eye, my love for him may simply be seen as “fondness”.

Fondness is the right word though… he’s a bit of my childhood. Not that I grew watching his movies! It’s just that I have little fragments of memories… For the first time, me actually following an actor and trying to see the movies he came out in. My parent’s amusement (but also a bit of concern). My friends’ teasing. My acceptance of my own deep voice (romanticizing Alan Rickman’s voice, along with Robok’s voice, helped a lot). Little memories flitter by that makes it hard to let his presence go.

I don’t feel like he’s gone.

And trivial and little the memories may be, they are something that’s wholly mine that I visit upon. I would give a bit of smile in memories like my friend misreading Rickman as “Dickman” and immaturely laughing about it. (Later on, she spread to they, and they deliberately misread his name simply to tease me!) A fragment of my experience as a child—yet, the detail that makes the experience mine…

Oh, I am repeating, am I not? I should save some stuff (alliteration!) for the next time I celebrate his birthday—I do intend on continuing this blog!