[Lingerie] List/Week_2016, 3, 8th, Tues.

Note: I actually wrote this list a month ago… I am pretty sure some stocks may be left, but very likely most are gone as well. Still, I think the list is worth seeing in an archive kind of way.

I am not trying to support a particular retailer. I just happened to be on their site taking notes… though there are definitely are retailers I frequent due to their agreeable layouts. In addition, I simply wish to point out the retailers who still have some stock left!

The prices are according to the site/retailer I was on.

Currency Conversion used:
$1 = £0.70 (UK)
$1 = ₩1,233 (Korean)

Myla “Embroidered Lace” Duck Egg


Non-Padded Balcony Bra: £475 = $678.54 (currently on sale at Myla for £142.50 = 203.56!)
Thong: £295 = $421.41 (currently on sale at Myla for £88.50 = 126.42!)
Oh! How honored I am to know that you’ve existed in my lifetime! I remember when your birth news came to my mailbox… and me, gasping at how pretty it is. (This is one product that really looks better on the model than on its own.) The dusky “duck egg” color with a royal red combination is just perfect. Though I will never own you, or never even see it in person… I will at least have a memory of you.

Hanky Panky “Floral Embroidered” Black/Hot Fuschia

Bra: XS-L_$72
Low Rise Thong: One Size_$30
I think you might have noticed already, but I like red flowers. This one is pretty. Yay embroidery. Only thing I will have to give a shit for is the general sizing. I mean, it even as an underwire! Am I to believe that the cup is stretchy enough to accommodate 3 different cups? *shaking head *

Jezebel “Desire” Evening Blue


Bra: 32-38 B-DD / US_$32 (currently on sale at Designer Intimates for $22.40)
This may be gone by the time I post this… but I personally find this to be the prettiest colorway for this model. I mean—come on! Navy, white, and a dash of red? How cute! I am also partial to this color because the huge bow seems rather cheap on other models. (It doesn’t help that the matching g-string is damn skimpy.) As a side-note… the white version would be the runner-up. The pink bow, which I cannot stand on the black version, goes really well on white!

Desire Demi Unlined Bra – Evening Blue

Wolf & Whistle “Lace Open”


Bra: 30-36 DD-I / US_$45
Brief: XS-L_$17.50
An affordable, interesting, cage-y bra. It’s a bit longline-like without being a longline too. I remember this being long on my “interest list”. Where the company chose to put the strap/cage for the peak-a-boo effect is interesting, wouldn’t you say? And not to mention the briefs! The “X” made by the black straps over the lace… interesting.

COS “Contrast”_Pink

Bra: XS-L_$39
Knickers: XS-L_$25
There is something so funny and quirky about these peachy pinks. I would really love to see this in person—is it erotically peachy? Or just blockishly, retro-ly peachy? I know, my language is not making the most sense… but at least I got to introduce you to an unfamiliar brand? (A clothing brand, actually.)

오르화 리버스 레이스 레드
Orlfa “Leavers Lace” Red


Bra: 70(32)-85(38) A-B_₩110,000 = $89.18
Knickers: 90(S)-100(L)_₩38,000 = $30.81
I think the unlined bra is prettier, but I am going to talk about the molded one. Why? Because I remember the moment I first saw this bra, it reminded me of pornography.

No, not THAT kind of pornography.

This kind:


The Cure – Pornography (Album)

Anyone who takes a glance at my “Music of the Day” posts would probably know that The Cure appears quite often… it’s not ohmygotthebestbandever, but I always have a specific reason when I want to listen to a The Cure song, and that’s when I want to post a MOD post…
I personally don’t really feel the straps for this piece. If it weren’t for The Cure, I really would be pretty meh about it. Not that I would want to buy this bra—this particular album is good and everything, but the music is not exactly “sane”…
If the currency was a bit more “normal”, the bra would have cost around $100 than $90.

Free People “So You Say Slip” Night Combo


Chemise: XS-L
By the time I post this, it may be very possible that the product is already out of stock. I know that it’s damn sure out of stock in ASOS, whose brilliant product pic led me to add this on the list. This is the perfect beginner piece for lingerie-as-outwear. And I would love to give a bit of whoosh and twirl in such slip! So pretty! And the usage of black and orange flower pattern that runs the risk of seeming dated, but not really? Ohhh yes.

미니 자수플라워 디테일 스타킹 X1223
Mini Embroidered Flower Detail X1223



Tights: One Size_₩12,000 = $9.73
The raised flower bumps are so pretty… and so affordable too! (Funny, because there would have been a time when I thought anything over $8 for tights was expensive…) And ah, so fitting of spring too… (which the absurdly warm weather these days are making me believe)
Note: the currency is really strong for the dollar. Before the rise, it would have been about $11.