[About] Instagram

Social Media and I are not the closest of friends. However, I got an Instagram. While many of my Instagram posts are (and will be) pretty self-explanatory… I did feel like I should still provide an outline of what I post, and how I post them.

Topic: Pens/Calligraphy, lingerie, tea, Literature.

Pens/Calligraphy: This was the reason why I wished to make an “outline”.

My main intention with this category is to post matching pens and inks. I believe there are pens and inks meant to be. The match happens when they share a certain feeling/quality (not necessarily of same color) and when their properties (eg. nib softness, ink saturation) bring the best out of each other. For example, my first “meant to be” post is Pelikan “Souverän” Tortoiseshell-White matched with J. Herbin “Cacao du Bresil”. Here is a post with exactly the same words on Instagram.

My only concern is that I don’t have that many calligraphy and pen, and thus, their matches. I want to space the posts out, but on what interval? I am not sure.

I may post some of my calligraphy works and other miscellaneous pen/calligraphy stuff.

Lingerie: This is straightforward.

I have many “lingerie as outerwear” styles I will create a little collage for. Also, many stuff I buy. Because consumerism.

Teas: Some pretty pics & “Last sip of tea at…”

Tea posts will be super casual as well. However, the “Last sip of tea at…” will be a structured post. For years I had the ritual of saying goodbye to my last cup of particular tea with self-indulgence. I would either read with music on, or watch some playthrough videos and enjoy the moment. Now that I have Instagram, I would like to record these lovely moments.

Literature: Anything that strikes me.

In all honesty, I am not sure what I should post… I read too much to post every single thing I read, after all!