About (Literature and Language)

Heading: Lit&Lang

My goals:

– Get to discuss Literature with as much passion and interest. (No-restraint part really applies to this section.)

– Do some reviews

I have wanted to blog for quite a while, but both the origin of this desire, and the responsible activating agent, must be credited to my love of Literature. I have been far too lonely in my search to find an arena to discuss Literature.

I have been failed—miserably so. And thus this blog is born.

(Though I do admit that after reading so many lovely lingerie blogs, I wanted to write one as well.)

All my “Literature and Language” posts will be in these sub-categories.
(p.s. These categories have been thought out few years ago when I began my reading journal.

My reading journal. Also my handwriting.

My reading journal. Also my handwriting.

It’s on a hiatus, but I am hoping that beginning this category will revive journal again)


These are going to be discussions of books, ideas, and my opinions. A post where I discuss a (rather arbitrary) similarity between George Orwell’s 1984 and Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground is part of this heading. My thoughts about annotating, or my opinion of certain literary criticism will be under this heading. I may have some non-traditional Literature subject appear here, such as games, comics… If such does happen often, however, it will receive a category of its own. The heading may go under construction anyway—it’s much too vague.


Every review will have a heading like this! Also from my reading journal :) Think of it a bit like MLA headings...

Every review will have a heading like this! Also from my reading journal 🙂

I can’t actually be bothered to write reviews now, but I think my strong opinions of some books would compel me so. I do have a structure I follow… and so at the moment, I find the threshold of writing a review too high.


The first two categories will concentrate on Literature. Language category will be me talking about words… yeah, that’s all there is. One of the first posts under this category will be my opinion of swearing—at least if I want to clarify my “colorful language policy” of this blog. You could say I am pretty fucking okay with swearing though, in general.

Journal (Newly Added as of 2016, 2, 2nd, Tues.)

This is like a far more playful cousin of “Wonderings”. It’s less academically discussing, and more personal. There was quite a bit of stuff I wanted to write about, but didn’t exactly fit in any of the categories. So, here’s a new update!

I define Literature as fiction and philosophy. Or at least, that’s the kind of Literature I will be addressing in this blog. I am a bit of a literary snob, so I have high standards and biting opinions.

My interest in Literature is a highly academic one. I love annotating, I love syntax… Literature if kind of my religion—not that I have absolute belief in it, but that I worship it. You will find through my nerdy references in this blog that I enjoyed my past classes and retained quite a bit of info, whether it’d be statistics or art history. But no subjects will ever triumph the passion I have for Literature.

A quick graph of how Literature fares against other interests. There is a sense of constancy for Literature. Even though I might get obsessed with one thing and care not so much for Literature, in the long run, Literature prevails!