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This section is going to be the one section with Korean translations in it. But for the most part, the main language will be English. (한글로 된 페이지 가실려면 링크 눌러주세요! ^^)

My goals:

– Talk about pretty lingerie. Emphasis on a typical set: bra, knickers, and (maybe) suspenders. Hosiery may appear often. I will probably address all kinds of lingerie at one point.

– Be fashion forward. Focus on lingerie from different range of size, price, and nationality, even if I have no immediate access—that is, not within my size or budget.

– Record my progress in my understanding & knowledge of Literature (which will mainly be through trying new brands)

– Introduce Korean lingerie. I feel like it’s such an unknown market–quite self-contained, with its own little quirks that are not prevalent in others. I think people who just like to read about lingerie would find posts related to this goal interesting.

– Lack of emphasis on fit… except in Korean. As mentioned above, this blog will focus on the fashion aspect of lingerie. However, I know that 99% of Koreans know nothing about bra-fitting. Assuming 1% do is a generous assumption as well. Though I am not super knowledgeable of fit (heck I am still not sure if I am FOB or FOT), I know how a well-fitting bra looks like and how to wear one too. I maybe lazy, but I have enough energy to help people out!

All my lingerie posts will be in these sub-categories:


(Also translated to Korean. Everyone deserves reading about pretty lingerie!) This is basically the core of the lingerie section of this blog. The self-indulgent part of the review is that I like recording what I have. (I have a journal for tea, and I know showing it will elicit “dayum this girl…” from you! …perhaps not in those exact terms.) This section will also record my progress in the lingerie world. On a less self-indulgent note, these reviews may help you navigate through different brands, sizings, and products. Here is my description of my breast.

Every review will have a heading like this!

Every review will have a heading like this!

(Though, I have read reviews that are completely irrelevant to me—I read them for the sheer joy of learning about new brands, seeing new designs, and learning different struggles of these lingerie bloggers.)

Full list of (finished & impending) reviews!


I like reading lists. So I am making one too.

…Well—it’s not all simple like that. When I began reading about the lingerie community, I tried to read a lot of brands and simply see as much lingerie as possible. I remember themed lists helped me a lot through this. Furthermore—I just like certain themes and want to keep my own list of lingerie. The themes are going to be based on my interest for the most part—self-indulgence, I’ve warned you!


It’s a sub-category of a sub-category! This list is going to be 7-8 products I offer a commentary on—usually positive, but perhaps negative. I am aiming this post to appear every week, but I can’t give any guarantees. The way I choose the products are characteristics that I find noteworthy—that is, products that go beyond my usual “hmm” when I look at them. I am deliberately going to make sure that there is one Korean lingerie in every list, and that the list covers quite a spectrum in terms of size and price. The emphasis is still on a typical set of bra & knickers & suspenders, though.

(p.s. I had a hard time settling on a number. 10 seemed too excessive and long, 5 seemed too short. 7 seemed appropriate, but I don’t like odd-numbers. So I settled for 7-8.
Welcome to my mental world people!)


This is an ultra self-indulgent post where I feature lingerie I’ve lusted after for a while, and are usually not in this world anymore. It will be a short post—a post of commemoration!

Korean Lingerie

About Korean lingerie, its markets, and its idiosyncrasies. Will feature specific brands.


I am sharing some personal stories, conditions, and thoughts about lingerie. It may feature some “etc.” part of this obsession too. Actually, it really is more like an “etc.” bin.

란제리 101(=Lingerie 101)… in Korean

Basic knowledge about bra in Korean, geared towards fitting 101.