[Personal & Etc.] Alan Rickman’s Death

Alan Rickman has passed away with cancer.
It feels rather weird, because he was the first actor I ever had any kind of affection and fangirlness for.
I don’t have many now, either. Another actor is Tom Hiddleston, and maybe Tilda Swinton… and that’s about it.

(He has also helped me deal with my voice-consciousness. From him I learnt that my lower-than-average voice can be deeply sexy, while I began to find deep voice as an attractive quality in men.)

Oh, and I (did) love Severus Snape. Mind you—I’ve watched other clips of him to like him as an actor himself! But would I have loved Severus Snape without him shaping the character? I doubt it.

You meant much to my teenage years. It wouldn’t seem that huge of a deal, but I owe you for sure. Rest in piece, Alan Rickman!

And so time passes, and mortality ensues.