[Personal & Etc.] Glamazonian Airways

Ah, drag queen clips are always too addicting. I always go back to rewatch the same thing again and again. (Eg. Shade the Rusical, American Apparel Adgirls, and some recorded club performances!)

My current “obsessed” clip is the Glamazonian Airways from Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. This challenge, many consider, is inferior to Shade the Rusical… but I think they both have its own charms. (And also, Season 6 had Courtney Act and Adore Delano. That’s quite the advantage!)

The facial expressions of the queens are simply gold. This is acting too, you know? The queens planning their blocking, gesture, and facial expressions at a particular line/song… Performance is their job. And they serve it wonderfully.

One of the things I love about drag queen clips like these are their uncensored comical vulgarity. Even in this clip itself, we’ve got loads of sexual innuendos, mention of blowjobs and fetishes, and some honest laughter. I sometimes wonder if I am in a “safe space”—there’s no shame needed or required.

A part of me wonders, though… would this kind of vulgarity be accepted if these queens were actual biological females? For one thing, only people who like and accept drag queens are “into” this, so it’s a pretty safe niche space. However, the moment we change the queens to actual females… even with the same performance, I can kind of imagine the loads of public shock, body shaming, etc. Would they be “slut-shamed”? And why would slug-shaming be even a bad thing? Willam reveals and embraces it—and nobody shames her. And when they do, it’s a joke. No offense is taken.

I am not here to push a feminist agenda, nor am I an active feminist. But I would like to point out that the drag world is also one of the worlds where men dominate. Just to say—but why? Perhaps because females, who traditionally have been given entertaininment roles (because of male gaze) have prettier/more interesting visuals? And we, as a culture, are accustomed to seeing “females” entertain?

That was quite the departure from Glamazonian Airways. Oh well.