About (General)

…What does a decent chap[sic.] talk about with the greatest pleasure?

Answer: about himself[sic].

Notes from the Underground
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
(published by The Modern Library
translated by David Margarshack)


Hi. Call me TKS.

This blog is intended to be a portfolio of myself. If I die tomorrow (hopefully not, as there are not so many blog posts!), there will still be some presence on internet that will prove who I am, what I do for fun, etc. This blog will focus on my different interests (the “obsessions”), which I think are idiosyncratic to the public in one way or another. I am all about that niche interests, you see.

You can probably see this coming—the blog is to be horrifyingly self-indulgent. I’ve spent my life unable to say things I’ve wanted in full abandon.
I’m going to now.
I’ve already accepted the fact that I will never be mainstream, and I am really writing for myself than anyone else too. (Meeting like-minded people is side benefit. A much appreciated one.)

—Not that you have to worry! It’s just going to be lots of nerdy stuff—book quotes, supply-demand graphs… There might be some “silly” things too. Say, Salad Fingers? (If you know what and who Salad Finger is, you would understand the quotation marks around “silly”.) But I am not going to get politics involved here. Maybe personal belief/philosophy—such as my belief in psychological egoism, but probably nothing too controversial. Probably.

As the blog is self-indulgent, I will be keeping my “threshold” low.
What I mean by is… One of my greatest fears of starting a blog was that I was going to be too lazy to keep one. It’s also why I’ve decided to mash all my interest together, because there is no way in fucking hell I am going to manage five blogs or something. On the same vein, I am not going to make my posts over structured to the point I find writing posts a chore. (Yes, this is according to actual experience… I once kept a journal of inks, you see. It ended with me just wasting a nice notebook.)

I like to think of my threshold like this From: http://i.stack.imgur.com/lI36e.png

Or this. From: http://glossary.periodni.com/images/activation_energy.jpg

(Keep them threshold low for actual action to happen! Or smaller amount of required activation energy! I wish I could go further on this analogy, but I am too lazy to check my past bio and chem notes. I do miss the classes though.)


At this date of 2015, 12, 19th, Sat., this blog will address three (or four) interests:
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Literature and Language


Music of the Day

– Personal & Etc. (-> About page pending. Should be self-explanatory, though!)

Reading the specific about pages about these interests is not necessary, but it will illuminate upon you some basic policies, my goals, and my thinking process in developing the content of these areas.
(p.s. the headings are alphabetical… except Literature, because Literature triumphs all.)

These interests are definitely not going to stay as a nice little trio, too. I am obsessed with way too many things. Possible future obsessions include: Tea, Pens & Calligraphy, Law.

(The about page may be edited rather frequently. For example, I believe that at one point, I will have quite a bit of blog posts. The sentiment above will be then edited. I will add another interest. Two paragraphs above will be edited. I am sure you get what I mean.)