[Lit&Lang] Journal_Update: 2016, 2, 4th, Thur.

I think I will update upon what I am reading, read, etc. It seems like a good reminder for myself to keep reading, and… well. It will serve as some kind of record.

-> This will especially be helpful because I haven’t updated my Goodreads account for such a long time. It’s going to be a terror going through *sob*

Letters from a Stoic by Seneca, published by Penguin Classics

This is my current personal reading. Enjoying immensely, if the little “wondering” posts I’ve already written for this book are any indication. However, currenty being inundated with all my school books… I am going to be temporarily on a hiatus. It’d be nice if I can make little progress everyday, perhaps by reading one “Letter” everyday… but I don’t want to give myself unnecessary pressure.
Until we meet again! (preferably this weekend).

Petersburg by Andrei Bely (translated/annotated by Robert A. Maguire and John E. Malmstad), published by Indiana University Press

I think I am having a love/hate relationship with this book. For one thing—this book is amazing. I can honestly feel like it’s challenging me, and I definitely want to read this book again. There is a certain mood and feeling to this book that one must get “into” to get… it’s a special mood, I say. On the same note, because I am reading this for a class, the pace is far faster than what I would assume for books like this. There are moments when the words fly past me, when I know for sure, if I had read this on my own pace, I could have caught them. And sometimes, I feel like I am trudging the pages through… especially when I feel like I cannot get “into” the mood. And there’s also so many things I don’t “get”, as I am not Russian… It’s nice that my professor assumes all of my troubles and acknowledges it as the most difficult book we will read this semester. She also tries to really help us along too! But honestly, I would prefer if I can read this with 100% of my capability.

(Excerpt) Paradise Lost by John Milton

I was previously reading this in Penguin Classics edition. Not bad at all, but wayyyyy too many notes on the back (and some unnecessary!). I actually began reading it this summer, but took a hiatus with school and everything. I got to read an excerpt of it again for a British Literature class, and I enjoyed the class’s edition far better. Let me see if I can get my hands on the Norton edition, and I will start again ^ㅇ^

The Country Wife by William Wycherly

Another something I read for my Brit Lit class (more exactly, on 18th century Literature). If I can hold my occasional faceplaming and shaking head, the play’s fucking funny. And it’s amazing how every descripion, simile, and witty phrases can be all about cuckolding or misogynistic/sexist. It really is amazing. I would like to do a review upon this… but let us see.

Other shorter updates:

I read few short stories for a class (again). I am doing a whole “Wondering” post upon it though. Thought of writing that first, but with this post ready for few days already… I might as well post this first. -> They were, “The Largesse of Sea Maiden” by Denis Johnson, and “Spanish in the Morning” by Edward P. Jones.