[Personal & Etc.] Chokers

I was wondering what kind of post I should work on—there are just so much I want to write about! I still have yet to talk about swearing (and how I see it as modern use of diction), Tiny Alice by Edward Albee, and this lovely lovely section from “An Essay on Criticism” by Alexander Pope. Also, I was also working on lingerie of the week, a review, intro to Korean lingerie… I admit, a lot is on my plate. Maybe I should have begun writing this blog sooner! 😛

Nevertheless, I chose to write about chokers. Because chokers… I fucking love them. In fact, I would dare say that my interest in them supersedes tea and lingerie. The early beginning of calligraphy (though it was just me dabbling in dip pens) and love of Literature do come first… but choker does take an important part of my “interests” (among dark lipsticks and leather, I guess).

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 6.00.14 PM

Me wearing my first choker. 2011 September in Bali. I was pretty plump back then, hehe.

I was interested in chokers as a young girl. The first time I wore one was when I was in 2011—it would be the first of many steps that I begin claiming my own identity through fashion. (Though for that to become an active exercise of stairs… well, let me just say that I also had a year of sweatpants/jeans + t-shirt era.)

My parents didn’t really like it. They are not so conservative or anything, but they are super health-conscious (ahem, anxious) and didn’t like anything so tight on my neck. (Even the name probably didn’t help!)

But that’s not the point of the post (or at least WHY I felt like writing about it). It’s because I see the choker getting more popular than ever… especially in Korea.

And that’s just really fucking funny to me.


My first chokers. Mostly DIY. This also represents my early love for lace! (This was the beginning of my rung… and once on, I can only go up. I really would have loved lingerie sooner or later. Also, the quote was paraphrased from Alyosha from The Brothers Karamazov.)

I remember wearing my choker in Korea then, people staring at me as if I was fucking crazy. Hahaha… good old memories. Me buying leftover pretty ribbons from a tailor shop to create ribbon chokers on my own… looking at all these pretty lacy headbands and hoping to wear it on my neck instead. (They were truly taunting!) And as to further torment me, all these “tatting lace bracelets” that would work as a choker if it were only just a bit longer…


Lace Headband. From: http://image.auction.co.kr/itemiage/9a/ba/44/9aba443d5.jpg

sajou bracelet-600

Me wearing my first choker. 2011 September in Bali. I was pretty plump back then, hehe.

Well, after four-five years of torment… look now you motherfuckers. Who’s wearing a choker now? You guys.

I guess this is more of a self-indulgent hipster post saying “I wore chokers before it was cool”. It really is.

But I am happy that Korea has finally recognized the beauty and allure of a choker. I have enough (economic) sense to know that expansion of market and increase in demand leads up to increase in supply… meaning, I don’t have to DIY them on my own.

Here’s some beautiful chokers I’ve been able to BUY.


Seriously fucking happy.

I never believed a day like this would come. But it has :’)