[MOD] 2016, 2, 17th, Wed.

The Cure – Strange Attraction

I’ve been listening to LOTS of music over the week—the list includes Scriabin, Brahms, Carpenters, Rachel Yamagata… and The Cure. For some reason, “Strange Attraction” keeps whispering in my ear. It’s been doing so for at least four days or so, which is strange because 1) “Strange Attraction” is not one of my favorite The Cure songs and it’s still not 2) I am not attracted to a song this long… unless we are talking about that one time I listened to “The Crystal Ship” by The Doors close to 300 times in a month. But that’s a different story—there was a legitimate emotional reason behind. But this? Nah. Someone is keep whispering to me “christmas card in sepia”, “blame infatuation”, and “can i use some of your lipstick”.